Within in the past decade, intent has never been more scrutinized. The art of propaganda is becoming more and more difficult to spoon feed because the rate at which we can share perspectives keeps increasing with no sign of fatigue.

We have all “seen the elephant,” but only some of us are willing to challenge conformity, eager to knock down the remaining pillars of misdirection. As a man born into oppression, I am taught to fear what will happen between us once all the pillars have fallen. How does one interact after experiencing complete disillusionment? 

In today’s politics, President Donald John Trump is more than just a man. His coercive acts on a global scale have made him the embodiment of hate all around us that intends to deceive. Media has made him inescapable. 

I aim to challenge those that lust for domination by revealing how beasts choose to behave when faced with uncertainty.  

What we see, whether it is imagery occupying our inner city walls or thoughts uploaded to our social media networks, affects us holistically. Certain content can blind us. That is our reality. 



A statement for BETWEEN US

On January 29th, 2016, a fifteen-year-old African American male named Darius Montray Bardney was tragically murdered in at housing complex in West Baltimore called Pedestal Gardens.

The property’s management team, Community Builders, Inc., commissioned “Between Us” to celebrate the life of Darius, embolden the youth of Pedestal Gardens, and help resolve any contention that transpired after the incident.




We can never truly define ourselves, but we try to make peace with that knowledge by using our body and possessions to project a temporary character. It is in our nature to identify others for self-assessment. While looking at each nameless individual, I ask myself, “Do I relate to what I am seeing, or do I feel excluded?”

Our primal need to identify has been corrupted by prejudices. Is there value beyond the signifiers? Has being judged by others made us violent and vulnerable creatures?

Inheritance led us to obscurity, pessimistic recesses of the Earth with deafening winds, putrid soil, and blistering fire.

My mission, as an archaeologist, is to uncover the forgotten pieces of us that remain and address humanity’s aggression.